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  1. e what kind of products you should be putting on your hair
  2. What is my hair type? Take our curly hair quiz to find out what curl type you have. Our quiz has high definition pictures for you to compare your hair to other types
  3. The chart identifies four hair types and within each of those categories there are different sub-types. The chart spans straight, wavy, curly, and kinky hair. For Walker, the chart was all about selling his products. People could use it to identify their hair type and then buy a complementary product
  4. Find out what your hair type is here. Then we will suggest the best products for 4c hair, 4b, 4a, 3c, 3b, and 3a hair curl patterns along with some tips

Misinformation abounds on the interwebs when it comes to all the different men hair types and how many there actually are. Simply put: not one single article or video adequately shows all the types of hair men usually have. Furthermore, many of them use misleading names for the same thing, and we have yet to reach an agreement on just HOW many types of hair there are Your Hair Type is determined by your curl pattern (or lack thereof) and thickness. Cuticle Health explains how your strands react to moisture and certain ingredients. The last piece, Scalp Health, tells you what's happening at the base of all that hair

Type 3: Curly Hair Type 3: Curly Hair, Loose. Curly hair is categorized as Type 3 hair and is grouped via the tightness of its curls. It is also, for the most part, where the natural hair chart classifications start. Type 3 ranges from loose ringlets (3A) to tight corkscrews (3C), regardless of ethnicity—although natural hair, as it's defined in the vernacular, is a term typically. Very curly hair is oftentimes classified as 3C. 3C hair is a curly hair type that is made up of tight coils with volume and lots of strands that are packed together to create this texture. 3C was created and added to the hair type chart when it was clear that there was a missing type between 3B and 4A

Hair type chart showing a representative sketch of multiple hair types (based on Andre Walker's hair typing system). You'll notice that Type 3C and Type 4C hair types aren't mentioned in the discussion above, that's because they were not included in the original Andre Walker system Hair type chart above base on family origin. If you had noticed, on the hair type chart above, the number 1 to the number 4 indicates each group of hair textures, defined in three inner hair textures or sub hair categories with (a, b, c) symbols. Hair type classification by ANDRE WALKE Each hair type can be divided into three subtypes: A, B or C. Once you understand the different hair types and hair textures—you'll understand what your hair is naturally capable of when it comes to things like having body or holding a curl. Plus, once you know your hair type, you'll learn how to take better care for your hair Type 2 hair is not as oily as type 1 hair due to the texture pattern of the individual hair strand, but type 2 hair isn't dry either.Within the Type 2 category, there are Type 2a, Type 2b and Type 2c hair categories. Type 2a hair has several loose, natural, beachy waves all over the head, unlike Type 1c hair that features a few slight bends Type 2 hair is hair that has some soft waves, but little to no real curl. It doesn't form rings, just waves. It typically is more coarse than Type 1 hair and will cling to the scalp in long S shaped waves. Care is similar to type 1 hair. Type 2 hair might be subjected to heat for straightening which can lead to damage

It's harder than ever to find the best hair products for you. The guiding light? Knowing your curl type. We put together a curl-type chart to make it easy The natural shape of your hair. Curl pattern is determined by your hair follicles. Hair Type. How to Identify. 1 (straight) Your hair has no curl at all. 2 (wavy) Your hair bends slightly, but does not curl. 3 (curly) Each individual strand holds an S shape, even when unstyled. 4 (coily) Each individual strand holds a Z shape Styling curly hair is one thing—identifying your curl type is a whole other ball game. While it can seem intimidating at first, figuring out your curl type is actually pretty easy when it is broken down into this unofficially official guide to curly hair. Check out our curl types chart to find out your curl pattern When bad hair days are your everyday reality, it really zaps the fun out of your morning routine. Thankfully, all you need to do to make your hair perfect is.. Take the Texture Type Quiz. To understand all there is to know about your curl pattern, porosity, density, reliable curly hair products and the best hairstyles for you, take the NaturallyCurly Texture Typing Quiz right now

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Determining your hair type will help you figure out how to handle, cut and style your hair more effectively. Hair type involves understanding different qualities of your hair, including density, texture, porosity (your hair's ability to hold moisture), elasticity, and curl pattern Type 2C hair is often thick and can be prone to frizz in damp weather. Lovelace recommends using a diffuser, a toothy devise that snaps onto the end of your blow dryer and helps eliminate the frizz This hair type is divided into three sub-types: Type 4A is soft; Type 4B is wiry; Type 4C is extremely wiry; Now that you are better informed about your hair type, go on and explore the right kind of products and hair care routine for your locks. Identifying the right hair type is half the battle won. Once you do that, taking care of your hair. KINKY HAIR CHART This hair is very tightly coiled, and very fragile. It appears to be coarse, but is actually very fine, with tightly packed thin strands. The reason it is so fragile is because it has fewer cuticle layers than any other hair type, so it has less protection Type 4 Hair Type. Nice to see you, kinky hair. Type 4 hair is usually thin, coarse, and packed with tight kinks. Here's how to tell which type of kinky hair you have. 4A: Your kink is really, really tight and in an S pattern, says Connors. 4B: Your kink is at a sharper angle than type 4A hair and in a Z pattern, says Connors

Take our hair type quiz below to learn more about your hair type. How do I know my hair type? All hair is different, with numerous natural and environmental variances making it unlikely that any two heads will be exactly the same. Still, at a top-level, hair is commonly grouped into four hair types - with the Andre Wa Type 3 hair has a curl pattern with clearly defined spiral curls when the hair is wet. The hair tends to be springy and achieves natural, springy ringlets with wash-and-go's For this hair type, try to avoid heat that may further dry out your strands and look for hydrating hair options that will give your hair an abundance of moisture. 4. Hair Shape. Photo Credit: @bwatuwant. When talking about the shape of your hair, we are referring to bends (or lack thereof) in your hair Discover the 14 different types of hair for women with illustrated charts showing you exactly the nuanced differences. Just like your hair color, the type of your hair, (the texture of your hair) becomes part of you and your hair routine from a very early age

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  1. What's Your Hair Type. Take this quiz to find out now! Tip: Base your answers on freshly washed air dried hair with no product added. Share This Quiz. Copy the code below to embed it into your own website. Close.
  2. Type 4B - Hair of this type has very tight curls, but they are less defined, soft, and fragile. Type 4C - This type of hair has such tight curls that it may not even look curly at all. In addition to different types of hair, there are also different textures to think about
  3. This is a VERY DETAILED NATURAL HAIR VIDEO! Learn the differences between natural hair types, curl patterns, density, textures and porosity! COMMENT BELOW yo..
  4. We've put together a comprehensive guide to figuring out your natural hair type, plus product recommendations and styling tips

Nov 6, 2016 - hair type chart for black women | Black Natural Hair Types Chart Whatever type of hair that you may sport, there are ways to get the best performance from it once you learn the hair types. Your hair can survive some abuse, but it is best to always be mindful of the state of your hair and the best way to care for it. Learn More About The Hair Type Chart Natural for Hair can cause heat damage

Hair type chart. Close. 37. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Hair type chart. 2 comments. share. save hide report. 96% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Tried cutting my own hair and messed up, glad I was able to solve the problem. To characterize the diversity of hair types worldwide and identify their various properties, L'Oréal researchers have studied several different parameters: the shape of the hair shaft, the structure of the hair fibre components, the growth of the hair follicle and its pigmentation. They have drawn on techniques from biology, chemistry and biophysics, using optical and digital microscopic.

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On the bright said, this hair type is perfect for afros, braiding, dreads, and many other styles. L.O.I.S. Natural Hair Typing System. The second most popular system utilized to determine one's hair type and texture, this system deals with straight, wavy, kinky, and nappy hair types Contrary to popular belief, curly hair isn't just one giant category. In fact, figuring out your curl type can be quite the task. For starters, there are different types of curls—from 2a to 4c—and each has their own set of unique characteristics and traits From type 2 wavy to 3C corkscrews and 4A coils, there are so many different natural hair patterns it can be quite difficult to determine which style you have and what products to use. That's where we come in. We tapped Devachan curl expert, Nicolle Lemonds, to get the scoop on the various natural hair types so you can step away informed

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Armed with the knowledge of your correct hair type, you can make almost anything happen with your tresses! So let's get started: Type 1 Hair: Straight and Free-Falling This is your standard, straight-as-a-bone hair type. Type 1 hair, whether fine or thick, has little to no curl, and generally hangs straight down, loose and free Type 4 hair (also often referred to as the black hair types) is divided into three groups: Type 4A hair. 4B hair. 4C hair type. Let us take a look at what we mean by 4A, 4B and 4C hair types so we can work out which one you have. The images should also help you determine it @delia3107 via Twenty20. One of the most popular natural products for hair care, coconut oil, is loaded with lauric acid (a type of saturated fat).According to scientists, lauric acid found in coconut oil has a rare ability to penetrate inside the hair shaft and, in turn, repair damaged hair The most popular types of human hair are Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Indian Hair. What kind of human hair types is the best weaving hair? Here are various types of human hair available. Virgin texture hair is the best grade of weave hair for it is unprocessed and thus can be styled and colored as your own natural hair Find high-quality Hair Type Chart stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else

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Type 4 Hair: Kinky, tight curly hair. 4a; 4b; This hair system was created by Andre Walker, a five-time Emmy Award winning hairstylist and Oprah Winfrey's personal hairstylist. If you really want to know in detail about hair types, Walker wrote a book on the system called Andre Talks Hair Shea Moisture has a wonderful line of natural hair products.You may get stressed out trying to figure out which Shea Moisture product best suits your hair type because their are so many products to choose from. Well this post should help you figure out what products suit you well. I will break down each product Shea Moisture carries and let you know what its used for, and I also came across a. Our hair needs the same TLC (tender, love and care) that plants need, and each type has individual needs. For instance heavier and thicker creams work well with the 4A-4C groups, helping to keep their moisturized; people with these hair types don't have to wash their hair as frequently as others Topic: My hair type chart, with pics Posted: Jul 22 2007 at 6:14am: I have decided to try and replicate the hair type chart that www.blendedbeauty.net used to have. For some reason they replaced it with a different chart, but I thought the old one was good Hair Type Charts: Hair Length Chart: Search: Custom Search Ad. Did We Help You? Tips Are Welcomed! Support Our Work. Other Amount: Join Our Newsletter: Ad. Ads by Yahoo! Inspirational Quote: more Quotes. Horoscopes: Our Links: ⭐️ Follow us. Check out our links! ⭐️. Books We Like: Grow and.

No matter what type of hair you have, it needs to be washed regularly. Shampooing removes dirt, oils and styling products that can build up and block moisture from reaching your hair shaft. Cleansing your hair at least once a week provides a foundation for healthy hair and scalp According to the FIA hair type chart, there are TWELVE different types of hair because hair isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. In fact, your hair can also be a mix of two, or even three, types of hair. Each hair type is a combination of your natural curl definition, hair strand thickness, and overall hair volume Types of Hair Highlights Explained. In the world of hairstyles, hair coloring is an overwhelming style to keep up with.There are so many different trends nowadays to choose from. So in order to keep you in the loop and get you familiar with the types of hair highlights trending today, we've created a detailed list below Below is the most current chart used for Hair Typing. This is the most widely used chart in the natural hair community to determine your hair needs and how to obtain the best styling results. Straight hair is shown as 1 type with no sub-categories. However, Hair Types 2, 3 and 4 are all shown to have 3 sub-categories

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Type 1A hair is the least common, but any type 1 hair can cause a love-hate relationship. It's soft to the touch and frizz-free, but also stubborn and hard to handle. The shine of type 1 hair is a definite bonus This quiz will tell you what hair type you are! (Curly vs Straight) Take this quiz! What happen when you put a clip into your hair? About how long does your hair take to dry? If you brush your hair when it is dry, what happens? Its a very humid, rainy day outside. You don't have time to style and dry your hair, so you run out the door without ANY styling products in it Shop UNITE Hair Products for Curly Hair. Seal in moisture, control and define frizz-free curls. The collection includes BOING™ Curl Shampoo & Conditioner, BOING™ Curl Leave-In detangler and BOING™ Defining & Moisture Curl Creams . Protect, style, and treat curly hair with these curl-controlling products

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Type 4a hair is tightly coiled hair that has a definite S curl pattern. The circumference of the spirals is close to that of a crochet needle, and hair can be wiry or fine-textured. It has more moisture than 4b, but is very fragile with lots of strands densely packed together

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