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Steel tongue drums are similar to hang drums and they belong to the idiophone family of musical instruments. They produce calming and ethereal sounds and they are very easy to play thanks to the fixed tuning of the tongues. You do not need years of training or countless hours of practice to create wonderful sounds with a steel tongue drum The steel tongue drum had several predecessors, most notably the Whale Drum in 1990 by Jim Doble and the Tambiro by Felle Vega. In February 2007 Dennis Havlena, [2] inspired by the physical properties of the Tambiro [3] and the tone layout of the Hang , created a steel tongue drum with a circular cross pattern layout from an empty 20-pound propane tank

A steel tongue drum (also known as hank drum or tank drum), is a round steel slit made from an empty propane tank. Over the years, manufacturers have perfectly designed their drums with the beautiful aesthetic appearance and amazing sound quality A steel tongue drum is a percussion instrument which has a circular structure and it produces calm notes when beating. Interestingly, this item appeared on the music scene in 2007. Even without any music skills, anyone can play the drum. Apart from using this instrument for practice, it has many benefits in education and alternative medicine Freezbee is a special handmade steel tongue drum that is loud and reacts nicely to being performed with hands (uncommon for many steel tongue drums). Freezbee is constructed from stainless steel and adorned with hand. It has percussive sound and quantity of overtones which makes it perfect for outside gigs

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Steel tongue drums are really easy to play as they do not require much effort or any special skills. Even the least amount of pressure or force applied to drums bring out big sounds. The practice is the only key to expertise with these drums. It is about your hands and the fingers that produce the most sounds Bei einer Tongue Drum werden die Klangfelder in das Instrument eingeschnitten oder gelasert. Steel Tongue Drums sind i.d.R. kleiner, dafür aber schwerer als eine Handpan. Sie werden aus dickerem Stahl hergestellt und schwingen wesentlicher länger nach als eine Handpan. Sie haben einen meditativen, ruhigen Klang The steel drums are finished in a wide range of sizes to get the perfect size for your needs. Besides this, the products have variable numbers of notes for different tones. Made using premium quality durable materials, these products are highly durable and safe for prolonged uses steel tongue drum 37 Results; Price - OK. Ship From. In stock. Sort by Popular Newest Most Reviews Price. US$189.00 US$199.99 6% Off HLURU Steel Tongue Drum 13 inch 15 tone Drum Handheld Tank Drum Percussion Instrument Yoga Meditation Beginner Music Lovers Gift 9 reviews COD HOT SALE-Alloy Steel Tongue Drum-12INCH 13NOTES(FREE SHIPPING

This Steel Tongue Drum might just be our favorite musical instrument we've ever tried on the channel! Steel Tongue Drum Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2LZlNIj Am.. The sound of steel tongue drums comes from the vibration of the tongues / slits which are cut out of the top of the instrument. In this way, the hank drum is different to the Hang and handpan imitations Die MEINL Sonic Energy Steel Tongue Drum (auch Steel Drum genannt) ist ein reich und voll klingendes Instrument, welches mit der Hand oder den dazu gegebenen Gummi-Schlägel gespielt werden kann. Die Steel Tongue Drum ist präzisionsgefertigt um schöne, ausdrucksvolle Melodien zu spielen

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  1. a short clip of me playing the Polaris For me personally, these sorts of instruments are hard to record, for which reason the sound quality is far from per..
  2. Discover tongue drum origins The tongue drum is a very popular percussion instrument famous for its relaxing sounds, intuitive grip and surprising flying saucer look! Played by hand or with mallets, it does not require any knowledge of music or technique to be able to play it, his great asset residing in the fact that no false note is possible
  3. Our Steel Tongue Drum are not only great for musicians but also as a tool for therapists, yoga and meditation techniques. Our Steel Tongue Drums are made in the beautiful Tamar valley, on the borders of Devon and Cornwall, UK. Hand crafted with particular attention paid to the ethics of its construction and materials used
  4. Steel Tongue Drums. NOVADRUM. This was my first tongue drum purchase. I was looking at so many different ones out there. When I came across these beautiful drums Pavel was there to help. He answered all my questions, was very professional and was the reason I chose to purchase a NovaDrum

STEEL TONGUE DRUM Mini 8 Noten (Stahl Zunge Trommel Handpan Stahl Trommel Trommel Trommel Klangschale) 10,2 von NovaDrum + Free Bag NovaDrum. Aus dem Shop NovaDrum. 5 von 5 Sternen (281) 281 Bewertungen. Sale-Preis 143,99 € 143,99 € 159,99 € Ursprünglicher. The steel tongue drum has a naturally peaceful and calming effect that you begin to feel as you play it. It's perfect for relaxing at the end of the day or for serenading a friend with some peaceful vibes. We have personally witnessed the calming effects of the Manastones on fussy babies and rambunctious children Our steel tongue drums. Multi Scale Tongue Drum. The Multi-Scale tongue drum comes with a great tuning system which turns it into a 6 scales tongue drum and is equipped with a built-in microphone and a 6.3 mm jack for endless possibilities. Learn more. Full Tone Tongue Drum

While a steel pan looks like a bowl or wok, a steel tongue drum looks more like a propane tank with the nozzles and base cut off. The drum emits different tones from different tongues that are.. Steel tongue drums can come in various scales, the choice of which is down to your personal preference. There are smaller versions of the tongue drum, these have fewer notes as a result of being smaller. The smaller instruments are difficult o play with the fingers too,. Steel Tongue Drums. Products. 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″ Learn To Play. 6″ Steel Tongue Drum Songs; 8″ Steel Tongue Drum Songs; 10″ Steel Tongue Drum Songs; 12″ Steel Tongue Drum Songs; Accessories; Locate a Dealer; Amahi Blog; Artist

Steel Tongue Drum 11 Notes 12 Inches Tank Drum, Handpan Drum, Chakra Drum, Percussion with Padded Travel Bag, Mallets and More (Green) HimalayanTeasures. From shop HimalayanTeasures. 5 out of 5 stars (1,194) 1,194 reviews. Sale. The steel tongue drum is handmade by professional craftsmen. Although it is simple in structure, the sound is very pleasant and it is a kind of sound like Buddha's tones. It is easier to learn and has a wider range of sounds. Even beginners can easily master and play wonderful music

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  1. The Steel Tongue Drum is used worldwide for: Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Healing. ⭐Main Features: • The water-based paint surface, nuisance-free and wear-resistant and does not fade • Shaped like pebbles and ethereal sounds • Hand-built, artificially tuned, and the tone is accurate and soun
  2. Steel Tongue Drum ~ 5 Inch 8 Note Hand Crafted Hand-Pan Percussion instrument Tank Drum, Sounds Healing Meditation Drum With Bag JoyousCornerStudio. From shop JoyousCornerStudio £ 102.51. Only 2.
  3. Hang Drum includes:Package includes steel drum, clubs, music book, bag, note sticker, picks. Playing the Hang Drum is the best way to relax after a day of work. Worldwide Shipping Please do note that shipping is insured and takes 8-24 business days worldwide. However, you may receive your items earlier

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The steel tongue drum is a cheaper alternative to its cousin the hand pan; hence, it is becoming more popular. You can buy them for around $60 to $600 for the bigger drums, and they are a lot to get your hands on. This is the reason why a lot of people are buying steel tongue drum instead of the hand pan DISC Idiopan Domina 12'' Tunable Steel Tongue Drum, Molten Silver - Idiopan Domina 12 '' Steel Tongue Drum är en handgjord Idiopan från Idiopan, med en hållbar stålkonstruktion med en smält silver finish. Trumman har åtta inställbara tungor och är inställda på C Major pentatonisk skala (G3 C4 D4 E4 G4 A4 C5 D5) men den mångsidiga designen gör att du kan ändra tuning efter dina.

Steel Tongue Drums. Bei einer Tongue Drum werden die Klangfelder in das Instrument eingeschnitten oder gelasert. Steel Tongue Drums sind i.d.R. kleiner, dafür aber schwerer als eine Handpan. Sie werden aus dickerem Stahl hergestellt und schwingen wesentlicher länger nach als eine Handpan. Sie haben einen meditativen, ruhigen Klang Steel Tongue Drum stämd i A-moll. Producerar ett unikt och vackert ljud! På nätet sedan 2005 Köp online - Snabb leverans eller hämta i våran butik Fri frakt över 1000k 2.Steel tongue drum can produce a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound.just follow your heart to explore, and its ethereal sounds can purify your mind and soul, and makes you achieve inner peace. 3.Steel drum are suitable for various fields, including music education, yoga meditation, zazen, performances, religious activities,gift and so on

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These types of drums are called Hank Drums, a play on words mixing Hang and Tank together. Starting with his concept, we began experimenting with different custom made musical steels and our own unique note layouts to build on Dennis' original idea. We have also created our own molded shapes to make our HAPI Steel Tongue Drum line of instruments Le Steel tongue drum aussi appelé Tongue Drum est un nouvel instrument de musique à percussion dont les sonorités relaxantes sont grandement appréciées par les musicothérapeutes ou toutes celles et ceux qui recherchent des moments de douceur dans leur vie 8″ Steel Tongue Drum is a high-quality tongue drum with a diameter of 20cm. Comes with a C major natural scale. Just like the name implies, it has eight tones. Every sound mesmerizes the heart and keeps the ear yearning for more. You will get a bag and two rubber rods attached. We discovered that it was a product with a difference

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Steel Tongue Drums: Pentasonic+: 13 diameter, 8 notes, 1 overtone per note: Perseus: 16 diameter, 11 notes, 2 overtones per note: Pentasonic (discontinued) 12 diameter, 8 notes: Solaris (discontinued) 13 diameter, 9 notes, planetary frequencies: Nexus (discontinued Tongue Hand Pan / RAV Vast 2 / D Celtic Minor / (in case) (Steel Drum / Hand Pan) Best Steel Tongue Drum. Unlike the category above this will not be such a let down for beginner steel drummers. We love these little tongue drums and they are perfectly priced that a first-time player won't have to sell their own grandma to get their hands on one

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6 Best Steel tongue drums Reviewed in 2020 Steel Tongue Drum-12 Inch 11 Note Handpan. Steel Tongue Drum. Check Price on Amazon. The Beat Root Multi-Scale steel tongue drum is one of the best choices out there. It comes with an incredible tuning system that allows the player to choose between six varying pentatonic scale Handpans & Steel Tongue Drums bei Europas größtem Musikhaus - Schneller Versand, 30 Tage Money-Back und 3 Jahre Thomann Garanti A tongue drum (also known as the steel tongue drum, hank drum or tank drum) is a percussion instrument in the idiophone family (instruments that create sounds through the vibration of the material itself without requiring strings, membranes, or external resonators) STD1BK. Steel Tongue Drum, A-Minor, Black. • Tuning: E4, D5, C4, A4, A3, G4, D4, C5. • Size: 12 W x 6½ H x 12 D. • Incl. Bag, Rubber Malle

The best steel tongue drum will cost you not more than $1,500, yet there are a few exceptional cases that will show you what a high price is! However, there are a lot of steel tongue drums in the market are far cheaper than that Zenko is a high quality steel tongue drum manufactured by Metal Sounds. Tank drum maker. Tonguedrum for meditation, rav vast, hank drum, beat root, aquadru

Buy Steel Tongue Drums at Deep Discounts. Direct from Manufacturer Pricing. Satisfaction Guaranteed. We have Djembe Drums, Drum Accessories, Drum Sets and more Steel Tongue Drum C-Key Hand Pan Drum Mind Yoga Meditation 6inch Blue WD. £29.89. Free postage. Percussion Instrument Steel Tongue Drum Yoga 12 11 Note Steel Lotus Tongue Drum. £65.86. Free postage. or Best Offer. Steel Tongue Drum C Tune Hank Tank Handpan w/ Bag Book Mallets Handmade Supply Zenko ® - The french Steel Tongue Drum. An original creation from the craftsmen at Metal Sounds, the Zenko offers an alternative and complementary drum to the handpan Spacedrum ®.This Ssteel tongue drum (tank drum or butadrum) is available in several harmonized ranges A steel tongue drum is made from an empty (often 20 lb) propane tank. The tank is flipped over, the base cut/knocked off; and seven to eleven tongues are cut radially into the bottom of the tank, forming the top of the instrument. The tongues can be tuned by the player by varying the length of the cuts. The steel tongue drum is often tuned to pentatonic scales but can be tuned to the diatonic.

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Tank drum and Steel tongue drums - Welcome to the Universe of Kosmosky! We are Kosmosky team and we create gluckophones / tank drums (from German «glück» meaning «happiness»). which are considered as ones of the most unusual and advanced musical instruments of our time Steel-Tongue-Drum Shop. In unserem Steel-Tongue-Drum Shop findest Du eine große Vielfalt hochwertiger Steel-Tongue-Drums. Bei uns kaufst Du nur Instrumente mit Top-Qualität von weltweit führenden Herstellern.Einen ersten Überblick über Skalen und Typen findest Du in unseren Informationen zum Handpan-Kauf, was genau der Unterschied zwischen einer Steel-Tongue-Drum und einer Handpan ist.

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Zenko ® - Die französische Steel Tongue Drum. Zenko®, innerhalb des Metal Sounds Betriebs entworfen und entwickelt, ist eine Alternative zur handpan Spacedrum.Diese Steel Tongue Drum (Stahlzungentrommel, auch Tankdrum genannt) gibt es mit verschiedenen Tonfolgen. Das Zenko ist ein intuitiv zu spielendes Perkussionsinstrument und besteht aus zwei zusammengeschweißten Edelstahl-Halbschalen Steel Tongue Drum 15 Notes 13 Inch Harmonic Handpan Drum, Percussion Instrument, Tank Drum Chakra Drum for Meditation, Yoga and Zen with Tra . AU $423.66 - 439.10 / Piece 6 Inch Steel Tongue Drum 8 Tune Hand Pan Drum Tank Hang With Drumsticks Carrying Bag Percussion Instruments . AU $60.71 - 69.04 / Piece. Steel tongue drum. 90 likes. Hand crafted steel tongue drums

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The quality of our handpans and steel tongue drums is proven by multiple professional reviews. You can easily pair both the RAV Vast steel tongue drum and the RAV Pan handpan with each other and with other instruments including guitar, piano, violin, and various percussions, singing UFO drums and UFO Upcycling are sustainably produced and handmade in Bali. UFO Drums Playing music has never been so easy. Touch any tongue. Choose your UFO Drum. UFO Upcycling Handmade upcycled goods. Choose your UFO Upcycling. Bed of nails To clean, calm, control of your mind. Choose your Bed of nails. Yoga mats The best modern ECO-friendly. Shop for Steel Drums in Percussion Instruments & Accessories. Buy products such as 14 Inch 14 Note Alloy Steel Hand Pan Drum C Tone Manual Percussion Handpan Drum with Ebony Drumsticks at Walmart and save Los steel tongue drums(su nombre en ingles) son tambores de percusión melódica, fabricados en metal. De la familia de handpan recibe diferentes nombres Steel tongue drum, tank drum, hank drum o tambor de lenguetas. Son fabricados de manera artesanal en Chile en el Valle del Elqui, cada.

DISC Idiopan Dominus 14'' Tunable Steel Tongue Drum, Dragon Green - Idiopan Dominus 14 '' Steel Tongue Drum är en handgjord Idiopan från Idiopan, med en slitstark stålkonstruktion med en draggrön pulverlackerad finish. Trumman har tio avstämningsbara tungor och är inställd på G Major pentatonisk skala (E3 G3 A3 B3 D4 E4 G4 A4 B4 D5) men den mångsidiga designen gör att du kan ändra. 4YANG Steel Tongue Drum, Steel Tongue Drum 10 pouces 11 tons, pour adultes et enfants, avec maillet en caoutchouc, doigts et sac de voyage rembourré, meilleur cadeau pour les enfants. 4,5 sur 5 étoiles 2 Here are some tracks recorded with ManaStone Steel Tongue Drums. Please send us your recordings and we'll post them here. Tongue Malio . Hear more. Watch. Watch more . buy. Double Big Bear with Dual Finish. $355.00 USD. Play & Buy! F Mixotonic. $250.00 USD. Play & Buy! Eb Hijaz. $250.00 USD. Play & Buy! E Melog Selsir. $250.00 USD. Play & Buy Deze kleine Steel Tongue Drum is ongeveer net zo groot als een klankschaal, maar is net iets groter. Voor kleine kinderen is dit een ideaal kadotje om mee te leren spelen van een (spiritueel) muziek instrument! Schaal: Pentatonisch G Mineur 8 tonen Materiaal: Stainless Steel Kleur: Rood Afmetingen: 16 cm breed, 16 cm diep en 8 cm hoo Affinitti Steel Tongue Drums. 267 likes. Affinitti steel tongue drums (also known as a handpan, Hang alternative, hank or tank drum) are musical, melodic percussion instruments. They make great tools..

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Tongue Drum Multi Gamme 432Hz. Tongue drum accordé en 432hz avec microphone, prise jack et 6 gammes interchangeables grâce à son système d'accordage très facile à utiliser. La fréquence 432hz est réputée pour être une fréquence de guérison et de bonheur. En savoir plu Steel Tongue Drum 11 Notes 10 Inches Tank Drum, Handpan Drum, Chakra Drum, Percussion with Padded Travel Bag and Mallets (Red) Regular price $129.00 Regular price $175.00 Sale price $129.00 Sale. Unit price / per . Availability Sold out. Hang Drum includes: Package includes steel drum, clubs, music book, bag, note sticker, picks. Playing the Hang Drum is the best way to relax after a day of work. Steel Tongue Drum Why our Zen Steel Tongue Drum is perfect for you and your loved ones: Our customers love our steel tongue drums for its pleasant and its zen-like soothing sounds. It's a great and easy beginner instrument for both the young and old and to use for relaxing indoors and outdoors 10 Inch 11- Tone Steel Tongue Drum 10 Inch 11- Tone Steel Tong... Regular price $299.94 USD $149.97 USD. 50% OFF . Shop Now > 12 Inch 11-Tone Steel Tongue 12 Inch 11-Tone Steel Tongue Regular price $299.94 USD $149.97 USD. Every month, Commonlee curates unique items and products. We are your one.

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Steel Tongue Drum. Steel Tongue Drum quantity. Add to cart. Enjoy the soothing and anti-stress sounds of Steel Tongue Drum! Release the calming and anti-stress power of the Steel Tongue Drum! Hand pan is a musical instrument in the idiophone class Steel Tongue Drums and accessories. Handmade, highest quality, specializing in low tones. Travel size steel tongue drums. A440 and alternate tunings, 528 hz, Solfeggio, 432 and more The free steel drum loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. If you use any of these steel drum loops please leave your comments. Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops

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Specifications: Type: Steel Tongue Drum Material: Steel Color: Black Quantity: 1pc Size: 15*10cm/5.9*3.93in Weight: 850g/29.98oz Package: 1* Steel Tongue Drum 2* Drumsticks 4* Finger Cover 1* Carrying Bag 1* Sticker 1* Tutorial Book. Clear Sound; Easy to Play; 8 Tun Tank Drum features samples from a famous steel tongue drum. Also called hank drums, these instruments are usually made out of propane tanks with tongues of different sizes and tuned in different scales. The instrument we have sampled features 8 tongues and it's tuned in E minor pentatonic

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Cheap Drum, Buy Quality Sports & Entertainment Directly from China Suppliers:Percussion Instrument 6 inch Steel Tongue Drum Empty Spirit Worry Free Drummer Disc Drum Color Empty Drum Brahman Instruments Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Steel Tongue Drum free download - Steel Beasts demo, Virtual Drum, The Easier Drum Machine, and many more program History. The steel tongue drum had several predecessors, most notably the Whale Drum by Jim Doble and the Tambiro by Felle Vega. In February 2007 Dennis Havlena, inspired by the physical properties of the Tambiro and the tone layout of the Hang, created a steel tongue drum with a circular cross pattern layout from an empty 20-pound propane tank. The name 'Hank Drum' came from a combination of. Steel Tongue Handpan Drum 13 Notes 12 it is made of high quality steel and coated with spraying paint, enabling excellent corrosion, scratch and fade resistance for longer life span. Overall Rating Steel tongue drums provide a droning, melodic sound which supports other melodic instruments and adds a strong meditative, calming layer of tones and harmonics to sound baths and therapy sessions. Add one to your toolkit today to encourage great emotional and spiritual healing and hours of play


Steel tongue drums are crafted of virgin high grade steel and cut with state of the art precision, after the initial construction all fine tuning is done by hand ensuring perfection! Included with this drum: 1 Chakra drum, a pair of mallets, and a protective carrying bag. Dimensions: 13cm or approx. 5.1″ - 1.5 lbs The Alloy Steel Tongue Drum is the perfect instrument to be given as a gift to your friends, family or kids. The Alloy Steel Tongue Drum comes from ancient Chinese culture and combine modern technology and design to replicate the Chinese musical instruments. The Alloy Steel Tongue Drum is able to combine the Chinese s steel tongue drum sheet music MINS | Uncategorised. amzn_assoc_ad_type = smart; With a steel tongue drum book, you are good to go on your practice. Handmade, highest quality, specializing in low tones. All steel tongues have 8 notes or full octave arranged in ascending order SHOP IDIOPAN STEEL TONGUE DRUMS. 6-Inch Bella - Available in Multiple Colors From $118.15 $179.00. 8-Inch Lunabell - Available in Multiple Colors From $229.00 $279.00. 12-Inch Domina - Available in Multiple Colors From $254.15 $359.00. 14-Inch Dominus - Available in Multiple. Shamba is a steel tongue drum, with patterns of sacred geometry, ethnos, animals, cosmic and the whole world around. Each instrument has its own scale so that this drum can be suitable for everyone who wants to create, to play, to feel the rhythm, to meditate, to bring peace and joy to himself and his family

12-inch 11-note Steel Tongue Drum. This Steel-Titanium alloy tongue drum is handmade by professional craftsmen. Although it is simple in structure, the sound is very pleasant and it is a kind of sound like Buddha's tones. It has a total of eleven sounds in F tune. This makes it easier to learn and has a wider range of sounds Tune In Your Mind And Body In The Frequency Of Healing! Enjoy the soothing and anti-stress sounds of the Steel Tongue Drum! The calming nature of the drum makes it perfect for use after a day of hard work, or a week of stress. The sound and vibration of the Steel Tongue Drum induce a state of relaxation that is perfect for deep meditation, relaxation, and creative thinking A new innovative tongue drum shape with a great sound! This drum was designed to harness some of the attributes of handpans into a steel tongue drum instrument. We use a scale arrangement where the lowest note in the middle is below the outer side notes 8 Inch Steel Tongue Drum 8 Notes Black W/travel Bag And Mallets,Tank Drum Chakra Drum,Percussion Hangpan Drum Instrument Light , Find Complete Details about 8 Inch Steel Tongue Drum 8 Notes Black W/travel Bag And Mallets,Tank Drum Chakra Drum,Percussion Hangpan Drum Instrument Light,Steel Tongue Drum,Tongue Drum,Steel Drum from Drum Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Shenque Trading Co., Ltd Listen to Kaizen Steel Tongue Drums | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. Bend,OR.. 14 Tracks. 141 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Kaizen Steel Tongue Drums on your desktop or mobile device

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